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4th of July: The Brutal Truth About Fireworks.

Posted by on Jul 4, 2014

4th of July: The Brutal Truth About Fireworks.

I was on call last night (July 3rd) and saw a case just like this one. It made me think of you guys out there in Premed Nation, because he was about college age, like all of you. I hope you have a happy and safe holiday. You are all on a great track and it would be a shame to see something like this throw you off course. I wanted to share a few statistics about firework injuries from the website. Most Injured Body Parts 46%: Hands and fingers 17%: Eyes 17%: Heads, faces, and ears 5%: Trunk 4%: Arms 11%: Legs More than half the injuries were burns. Injuries by Fireworks Type 17%: Sparklers 14%: Reloadable Shells 13%: Firecrackers 7%: Roman Candles 6%: Bottle Rockets 6%: Novelties 2%: Multiple Tubes 1%: Fountains 3%: Public Display 29%: Unspecified Injuries by Age 40%: 25-44 14%:45-64 10%: 10-14 10%: 15-19 9%: 20-24 9%: 5-9 7%: 0-4 1%: 65+ Be...

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