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How to Make a Realistic & Edible Panna Cotta Brain

Posted by on Oct 28, 2014

How to Make a Realistic & Edible Panna Cotta Brain

This recipe is based off the Panna Cotta Brain with Cranberry Glaze from Alton Brown. Ingredients: 3 (12-ounce) cans Nestle evaporated milk 5 packages of unflavored powdered gelatin 1 1/2 cups Prairie Farms heavy cream 3/4 cup sugar 1 vanilla bean, split 1 teaspoon salt Strawberries Cocoa powder Instructions: Combine 1 can of evaporated milk with four packs of unflavored gelatin and allow to bloom for several minutes. In a heavy saucepan, combine 2 cans of evaporated milk, heavy cream, sugar, vanilla bean, and salt. Bring to a boil. Then add the bloomed gelatin and remaining evaporated milk. Spray your brain mold with Pam and pour in your liquid brain. Refrigerate overnight. Blend a bunch of strawberries for the coagulated blood. Add cocoa powder to taste and color. Unmold your brain and bloody it up with your strawberry mix. The End! Share on TwitterShare on FacebookShare on Google+Share on...

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